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View Room Comments for Saturday, Aug. 17 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
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soowat 8/17/2013 7:07:09 AM Report

According to CNN, "A Florida family got into a hairy situation recently when a black bear decided to take a hour-long snooze on their lanai."
The foregoing is similar to bear related activity in SSM with one major difference---A capture trap was set for the bear by state wildlife officers. In SSM all we get are lectures from Davey and the MNR about barbecues,garbage etc

Complete article at
flyhawk25 8/17/2013 7:53:28 AM Report

As Egypt burns the US continues to send over one billion dollars in aid.
Like it or not the government in exile was democratically elected.
And the Suez Canal is a key oil conduit. This is the reality of American dependence on foreign oil.
Grump 8/17/2013 8:02:44 AM Report

Good morning all and soowat and Fly. You fellows are up and at it early today A nice sunny day on the way and supposed to be warm all next week. Have a great day everyone.
soowat 8/17/2013 8:38:23 AM Report


Can't speak for fly,but apparently Boundary road has been designated as a muffler free zone. That fact,combined with weather warm enough to have windows open means that I'm awake earlier than I really want to be and causes me to have some nasty thought about the inconsiderate anal openings that drive motorcycles. Ah,catharsis is wonderful.
statusquo 8/17/2013 8:50:31 AM Report


What vexes me is that you hardly see or "hear" those compact cars anymore that young kids like to equip with what I would like to call "fart cans"...more noise than performance. The cops are very quick to pull them over.
Harleys on the other hand are left alone. Some have straight pipes that have zero noise suppression and can actually vibrate the walls of a home.
Those so-called adults with a 12 year old's mentality rarely if ever get pulled over for noise pollution.

Yet,transports are prohibited to use the air brakes within city limts although Harleys can be louder than any truck air brake!
Mr. Poster 8/17/2013 8:50:36 AM Report

soowat..try driving your car with that same amount of noise. They would soon give you a ticket for unnecessary noise or driving with a faulty muffler. Why are these bikes allowed to make so much noise ? What about noise pollution? They are many bikes that hardly make a sound so I DONT BUY THAT THEY ALL MAKE THAT AMOUNT OF NOISE.
Spellchecker 8/17/2013 9:04:32 AM Report

Further to last evening's discussion and the ongoing dismal state of the current western democratic form of government -
flyhawk25 8/17/2013 9:29:23 AM Report

Funny, but I must be getting mellow in my dotage. Of course I hear the racket but it is momentary and I think that's what saves Captain America and friends from Clancy's wrath.
More disconcerting are the cell phone users who are driving distracted.
mallet 8/17/2013 9:55:39 AM Report

Status Quo...

Ummmm.... don't you mean engine brakes or retarders... Without air they have no brakes at all, I haven't seen a heavy truck with hydraulic brakes in years, they went out with the dinosaurs...
right wing 8/17/2013 12:05:37 PM Report

...also known as Jake brake.
Oldie Goldie 8/17/2013 12:27:34 PM Report

Every night around midnight there are , at least, 3 Motorcycles who love to stop at downtown stop lights and then rev their engines up as they pull away just to make excessive noise that wake up sleepers in the downtown area,
These motorcycles that were once equipped with mufflers had their mufflers removed by their owners and new ones installed that are made to create a lot of noise.

So the owners intend to make a lot of noise and the Police are ignoring them because they do it every night---they can easily be heard if the Police were nearby.

I know that there are many courteous Bike riders but the few that aren't spoil it for the good ones.

It is quite irritating for my wife and I and several others that I heard complain about them.

I hope that these offenders will be deaf by age 40 and they will have no one but themselves to blame.
Mark Brown 8/17/2013 12:34:34 PM Report

Good afternoon all,

Yesterday flyhawk25 asked, "What does our Senate do?"

Here's a big part of what Senators do flyhawk25:

Prime Ministerial Senate appointments are the BIG reason it's sooooo DANGEROUS to elect cold, calculating people like Stephen Harper to the office of Prime Minister for long periods of time.

PM Harper has appointed soooo many Senators (58 of the 105) during his seven year reign as PM, therefore, HIS SENATORS... likeminded cold, calculating people no doubt... will be AFFECTING Canadian Legislation for GENERATIONS to come.

This does not bode well for Canada in my humble opinion. What do you folks think?

Sincerely and Respectfully,
Mark Brown
right wing 8/17/2013 12:34:50 PM Report

The "motorcycles" love to stop and rev up.
What are the motorcycles names, Kitt, Kitt and Kitt.
right wing 8/17/2013 12:38:11 PM Report


It just irritates you to no end when you post something and nobody responds, doesn't it.
Will you re-post that again tomorrow?
I'll save you the trouble.

Yes Mark, that cold, heartless Harper.
How dare he appoint Senators, unlike all the other Prime Ministers.

There now you don't have to re-post tomorrow.

You're Welcome.
Mark Brown 8/17/2013 1:40:35 PM Report

Dear right wing,

I'm glad that you agree that Harper is cold and heartless, but the point was that it is dangerous to elect ANY individual, of any political stripe, to the office of Prime Minister for a long period of time.

Harper's 58 appointments to the Senate will be there for at least two generations. Hopefully all the Senators he's appointed are not entirely like him or else we're all in trouble.

As for reposting my comments from 11:30 last night in today's DISCUSSION FORUM... I'm sorry right wing, but I was hoping for a little discussion.

And it WORKED!!!

Thanks for your Harper Hating input right wing. I agree with you that PM Harper is a particularly cold and heartless Prime Minister.

Anybody else? flyhawk25?

Sincerely and Respectfully,
Mark Brown

Mark Brown 8/17/2013 2:48:25 PM Report

Dear right wing,

Instead of abolishing the Senate perhaps there should be TERM LIMITS for Prime Ministers!?!

I'm thinking a maximum of 6 years so that each Party has an incentive to keep developing good underlings, and no individual can have a long time to remake the Party and/or the Senate in their own image, and it is the Party's POLICIES that voters get used to voting for rather than the current practice of voting for the Party Leaders and their so-called "leadership qualities".

What do you think r.w.?


Sincerely and Respectfully,
Mark Brown
sportsman 8/17/2013 3:44:01 PM Report

Abolish the senate save the taxpayers tons of money and our leaders headaches. Let Canadians decide.

Mark Brown 8/17/2013 4:12:13 PM Report

Dear sportsman,

How much money would we actually save if the Senate were abolished? I sure hope it's BILLIONS per year.

I'll do a quick calculation:

# of Senators = 105
Average Compensation and Expenses = $300,000

Cost of Senate = 105 x $300,000 per year
Cost of Senate = $31,500,000

Wow, I thought it would be more than $50 Million dollars a year!! It's only $31.5 Million a year. Well, I guess there's an additional $10 Million to employ assistants like your cousin or brother or sister who live in Ottawa and work for Senators.

So probably around $40 Million per year to keep the Senate going and employing all those PEOPLE!!!

Hmmmmmm, maybe abolishing the Senate isn't the huge $$$ saver these abolitionist leaders like Harper and Mulcair keep telling us it is.

Especially since Senators do such important work... have a look at what our 105 Senators do on a daily basis sportsman:

Sincerely and Respectfully,
Mark Brown
bounder 8/17/2013 4:51:17 PM Report

Thanks for the response and I will do that.
Mr. Poster 8/17/2013 6:56:20 PM Report

WHILE WE ARE working on getting rid of the much does the monarchy ties cost us?
Mark Brown 8/17/2013 9:22:51 PM Report

Let's see... there's one queen, Elizabeth, and her husband thingamajigit, one Governor General (Sault Connected) and his wife, one heir to the throne... what's his name... and his wife Camilla, and what's his name's son, Prince William, and PW's wife Kate and their son Prince George, and what's his name's other son Prince Harry.

That makes 10.

And we're obliged to pay our fair share of the cost of keeping all 10 of them in the style to which they've become accustomed... maybe a Million a year... maybe not.

That money could buy at least 1/100th of a new jet! Hmmmmmm, 1/100th of a jet or keep our alliance with the Queen? That's not even a close one for me.

Keep the Queen.

If we got rid of the Queen, Mr. Poster, who would sign our Bills into Law?

Please don't tell me PM Harper.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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