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View Room Comments for Thursday, Feb. 7 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Brianne 2/7/2013 6:19:04 AM Report

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !

More on the way :)
bounder 2/7/2013 6:32:44 AM Report

Good morning all,sadly Monday is rain,let it rain, let it rain.Beats shoveling anytime.
Footnote,Skipper is no longer the man he used to be,now realizes he wants to be a decent human.
nanag 2/7/2013 6:35:04 AM Report

Good Morning Brianne

Good Morning Sleepyheads

Have a great day everyone

Spellchecker 2/7/2013 6:44:19 AM Report

Nanag, I also have 3 grandhorses and a whole slew of grandgoats, a couple of grandkine too.
skipper dave 2/7/2013 7:15:01 AM Report

Good morning sweet Soo!

Bounder - Oh ya, well your mother wears army boots! My Dad can beat your Dad and I can take you one hand tied behind my back. Wait a minute there, I may have spoken a little hastily.
Ok Bounder, snowball fight, your gang against mine. Where - Fly's balcony we get the high ground. Oh ya you get "Are Dubya" I get Fly. It's OK fly I know your pitching arm ain't what it used to be but we just have to drop our balls. your balcony would make the best fort. Besides let's finish these neo-cons once and forever. The rest have to pick sides and I get to choose to pick colleen the newbie to be on our side, you should see her pipes. The rest have to pick sides with the fence sitters refereeing. Oh ya it's pot luck and paper plates. Nanag no more of your homemade punch or we will have folks falling from the fort.
Grump 2/7/2013 7:18:33 AM Report

Skipper be carefull he may become a duck again and one can never tell what will drop from the air. LMAO
RLE 2/7/2013 8:15:22 AM Report


O.k. I'll bite,What are grandkine?
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 8:19:03 AM Report

Those of you who have never heard of kine, google it.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 8:23:57 AM Report

The first I heard of kine was in a poem we studied way back in David Kyle School.
flyhawk25 2/7/2013 8:32:36 AM Report

Skipper...not to worry about me. I love a battle of wits. But since I'd never fight an unarmed man our friend is safe.
When I start worrying about crazy neo-con personal attacks I'll quit writing.
I accept the fact that I am not going to change their mindsets.
What frustrates me is the level of the debate.Add to that there seems to be an obvious lack of charity, manners or respect.
Like most of us I have friends who view our world differently than we do.The reason that we remain friends is that we respect each others position.
I don't see much of that with a few on here.
I wish I could just scroll by but it drives me nuts. And they seem to get their joy in being annoying.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 8:41:37 AM Report

I even had a grandpig for a while but my grandson couldn't keep it home. It had wandering ways so it had to move to a more secure location.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 8:44:00 AM Report

It must have produced my great grandpigs by now.
right wing 2/7/2013 8:56:15 AM Report

Yes flyhawk is so far above personal attacks...
The never ending flow of hypocrisy.
...your not going to make me go through the archives are ya.

Hey bounder,

No problem. Like true lefties they will use snow and like a true neo-con I shall bring a flame thrower, the "war" should be over in about 30 seconds.
Mr. Poster 2/7/2013 9:03:16 AM Report

flyhawk stated:

The reason that we remain friends is that we respect each others position.

Better take a look in that mirror methinks.
flyhawk25 2/7/2013 9:09:04 AM Report

Mr. Poster...I do.
And you aren't in it.
Nor is your pal.
old-cat33 2/7/2013 9:11:12 AM Report

Hey Good Morning gang. I heard that goats milk was not as strong as cows milk or something like that?

All this snow will be bringing the water level up in the in land lakes.

I don't like the new Bon Soo guy .He looks a little skinny? And I think they should bring back some kind of hockey tournament back to mix in with this winter carnival event.

right wing 2/7/2013 9:33:05 AM Report

Mr Poster

....and that is a good thing.
right wing 2/7/2013 9:35:58 AM Report


If you ever had the opportunity to, how shall I put it...carry Mr. Bon Soo before his "diet", you would understand the shoulder relief.
Big Bad Bob 2/7/2013 9:38:50 AM Report

Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
Wisenheimer 2/7/2013 9:47:05 AM Report

Spellchecker .. Went to David Kyle for one day before boundary was changed to Merrifield. David Kyle School now resides in a land fill on 4th Line. So it goes.
Wisenheimer 2/7/2013 9:53:15 AM Report

BBB .. you should attribute clever comments to the originator or at least put them in quotation marks. Low information posters might think you came up with that. You are welcome.
right wing 2/7/2013 10:07:35 AM Report

right wing 2/7/2013 10:21:31 AM Report

Wisenheimer...more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
Budster 2/7/2013 10:31:31 AM Report

I first heard of kine when I was about 5 0r 6 in sunday school class in the story of Joseph. I was also living on a farm at the time.
redranger 2/7/2013 10:35:42 AM Report

ah yes..Kine and Abel
Bad Dawg 2/7/2013 10:42:51 AM Report

Spellchecker: Seem to remember kine is plural for cow
*no google for this farm boy :)
djjazz09 2/7/2013 11:01:22 AM Report

RW..Why is it that you think and form ideas related to a left or right position??Is this some form of childhood conditioning from your parents or a political paranoia developed during the 60's...
theprotector 2/7/2013 11:10:36 AM Report

"Studies have shown that water levels in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron have dropped by up to 45 cm just from the dredging of the St. Clair River alone."

flyhawk25 2/7/2013 11:13:22 AM Report

And once again the loudest kid on the playground tries to seek attention.
Not worth engaging.
right wing 2/7/2013 11:18:16 AM Report engagement is fine I don't swing that way.

Big Bad Bob 2/7/2013 11:33:24 AM Report

“Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”
(Repeated with quotation marks as requested)

I don’t know who originated the foregoing words of wisdom. I got them from a list of such things I keep for propitious occasions, for as I have stated in the past, “If you throw a stone into a pack of dogs, the one who yelps is the one who got hit.” ((That comment I got from one of my French Professors, who was lecturing our class about the literary artistry of Molière and his practice of depicting universal types (misers, hypocrites, bigots, etc.) in the characters of his plays rather than specific individuals.))

Incidentally, fellow posters will, I hope, have noted that when I quote something of which I know the name of the author, I do in fact always indicate his/her name, along with year of birth and of decease, if appropriate.

To conclude, the present picayune episode reminds me of a very popular anonymous (!!!) French expression about looking for noon-hour at fourteen hundred hours. “Intellectual masturbation,” I’d call it, or “Scraping the bottom of the barrel,” two other anonymous (!!!) expressions of which I leave the choice to those concerned, with my compliments.
right wing 2/7/2013 11:35:29 AM Report

MSN News and the AP

Obama: 2013 can be year of economic growth
Obama and economic growth: President Barack Obama at the White House on Friday.
AP 5 days ago

The president's optimistic weekly address comes alongside news that unemployment ticked up slightly and the economy shrank at an annual rate of 0.1 percent at the end of 2012.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says 2013 can be a year of solid economic growth, but only if Washington gets out of the way.

In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama says there are signs of progress in real estate, manufacturing and job-creation.

But other signs are worrying. Unemployment ticked up from 7.8 percent in December to 7.9 percent in January. And the Commerce Department says the economy shrank at an annual rate of 0.1 percent in the final months of 2012.

Obama says the U.S. must lower health care costs and close tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthy.

In the Republican address, Rep. Susan Brooks of Indiana says Democrats must get serious about the nation's spending problems. She's calling on Senate Democrats to pass a budget.


So Washington has to get out of the way but Obamacare which is going to raise the cost of health care is good and lets tax those evil corporations along with rich folks.
Makes sense, they won't go anywhere...will they?
theprotector 2/7/2013 11:44:10 AM Report

at least he is not destroying his country like harper and his pet troll!
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 11:44:27 AM Report

More government interference than ever and the major perpetrator says Washington has to get out of the way. Sorry lefties but I have to LOL at that one.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 11:48:46 AM Report

Check out the latest idolizing comments from Kid Rock.
right wing 2/7/2013 11:50:39 AM Report


A sacred cow also makes a great burger.
Don't piously hold your ideals as above others ideals.
Can't spot it unless you've got it.
...and remember never squat with your spurs on.

right wing 2/7/2013 11:52:26 AM Report


The hypocrisy is hilarious and it never ends, they can't help it their Liberals.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 11:52:42 AM Report

He says Obama is like the dad to the nation and they should listen to their dad.
old-cat33 2/7/2013 11:53:16 AM Report

theprotector: Can dredging actually take down the water levels?
I thought the reason why they dredge is because the ships wash all the sand and sediment from the sides of the river and then the river gets shallow making it hard for them to pass?
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 11:53:51 AM Report

Kid Rock, that is.
Snobank 2/7/2013 11:55:17 AM Report

Neither the left or the right seems to be able to throw a decent snowball this morning. What's the matter, no oumph? The rest of us in the middle, between your snowforts keep getting hit. Periperal damage isn't fair, but when did you guys ever fight fair? RW has half his brain stretched around his nether orfice so it's hard to judge just what that is he's emitting. Fly stands on his lonely mountain, loudly and frequently proclaiming he abhors anything but the most civil of discourses. He then drops a nasty little bomb and quickly retreats announcing that certain people are not being nice,
Of course it all lands on the rest of us more civil moderates. Both extremes shoot, and the stuff splatters over the rest of us. Thus it shall always be.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 11:55:34 AM Report

I heard it from the horse's mouth, probably on the only station that would carry it, Fox News Channel, the one the lefties love to hate. Gotta go now, it's almost time for Rush.
right wing 2/7/2013 12:01:02 PM Report


If your getting splashed stand back from the puddle...
Didn't your mother teach you that.
everson 2/7/2013 12:04:17 PM Report

right wing you are full of yourself. Do you not realize no one cares?
everson 2/7/2013 12:05:40 PM Report

right wing it truly must be sad to have nothing but Soo news to live for.
right wing 2/7/2013 12:05:52 PM Report


The dredging of the St Clair took place mostly in the 60's.
It did increase water flow but as the Great Lakes were above their averages nothing was done.
In the early 70's the U.S. army engineers talked about putting mini-dams or speed bumps as they call them to slow the flow but again due to high water levels they did nothing.
Now decades later we have an issue and they want to put in the "speed bumps" but they have doubts that due to the U.S. economy they will get the money.
How's that for a pickle.
Since Canada is building an international bridge for the U.S. maybe we can throw them some speed bumps.

right wing 2/7/2013 12:09:42 PM Report

Hey it's eversons...
Well eversons I would rather be full of just me than a variety of "others", are you getting some therapy for that by the way.
Grump 2/7/2013 12:12:18 PM Report

Spelly I have to tell you that you and rw certainly make an odd couple. Also together you are both way too much. Further I don't mean that in the nicest way possible. Both of you seem to have some sort of a crush on Harper and all things neo-con. Please don't call it right anymore as I was a Conservative and this lot sure as hell aren't.
right wing 2/7/2013 12:14:47 PM Report

...the key word being "was".
You thought you were but a sheep dressing up like a wolf does not make him a wolf Grump, it just scares the rest of the sheep.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 12:17:07 PM Report

Grump, I can't recall making any comments about Harper. I prefer to concentrate on the antics of the American government. They're far more entertaining with their escapades.
everson 2/7/2013 12:18:37 PM Report

What are you yapping about right wing. Explain? I am not calculating quick I have a half hour lunch period.

everson 2/7/2013 12:18:41 PM Report

What are you yapping about right wing. Explain? I am not calculating quick I have a half hour lunch period.

everson 2/7/2013 12:21:29 PM Report

Right wing being full of yoursself is fine but give it a break please.
right wing 2/7/2013 12:22:28 PM Report

Don't worry enjoy your lunch.

I hope you are having some Salomon, blueberries and flax seeds.
theprotector 2/7/2013 12:44:25 PM Report

I was suprised as well, there is a news article about it. What we need is for right wing to take a plunge into lake huron, I know the effects of the higher water level will be temporary but its a start.
right wing 2/7/2013 12:49:11 PM Report


You always bring a knife to a gun fight...

That would be a better choice than the resulting massive feces contamination as a result of your dive.
skipper dave 2/7/2013 12:49:53 PM Report

Holy ka,ka,poo,poo "Are Dubya" you sleeping on the couch again or you just had your toenails removed? jeez! And Spelly my dad kept pigs too but we gave them names like pork chop, pork loin, ham and sausage. No rw they weren't my brothers. They were hey you, stupid, idiot, dolt, whiny and retard. Fact is you remind me of my dad. Dear departed soul died with few friends and fewer family.
Bad Dawg 2/7/2013 12:50:54 PM Report

I'm not making any accusations. Draw your own conclusions.

Characteristics Of Fascism

1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism
2. Disdain for the importance of human rights.
3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause.
4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism.
5. Rampant sexism.
6. A controlled mass media
7. Obsession with national security.
8. Religion and ruling elite tied together..
9. Power of corporations protected.
10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated.
11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts.
12. Obsession with crime and punishment.
13. Rampant cronyism and corruption.
14. Fraudulent elections.
theprotector 2/7/2013 12:55:17 PM Report

LOL @ right wing

theprotector 2/7/2013 1:06:22 PM Report

another fine conservative senator brazeau.....kicked out of caucus, police executing search warrant on house, domestic violence, tax evasion, yup should run for PM for the cons!!!
right wing 2/7/2013 1:22:31 PM Report

skipper dave

I'm sure your late Father was as equally pleased with your former self as a son.
If I was a less confident person in life I might care about such baseless statements about how many "friends" or "family" I have but I am not.
In case you have never noticed I rarely draw first blood.
In your case I shall give it a pass.
cathyh 2/7/2013 1:25:25 PM Report

And so who is the next to be kicked out of the caucus, Pat Duffy? Should be/could be interesting.
Grace 2/7/2013 1:30:02 PM Report

For Right Wing..trouble on the home front..Democrats renew call to replace U.S. housing regulator

The group of 45 Democrats, led by Representatives Elijah Cummings and John Tierney, expressed disappointment that Edward DeMarco has been running the Federal Housing Finance Agency in an acting capacity since 2009. In their letter, the lawmakers urged Obama to immediately nominate a permanent director.

"Your re-election is a prime opportunity to put forth a new candidate who is ready and willing to implement all of Congress' directives to meet the critical challenges still facing our nation's housing finance markets," the letter stated. "We strongly urge you to nominate an FHFA director who is ready to fulfill this mission."
theprotector 2/7/2013 1:36:15 PM Report

right wing classic over compensation!

"If I was a less confident person..."

what a joke
flyhawk25 2/7/2013 1:52:19 PM Report

I was out around town earlier and have two suggestions.
What I saw was perplexing.
There are still folks riding bicycles on our streets. One was even balancing a snow scraper.
One lady in an electric wheelchair was coming down Queen St. going against traffic.
Why don't we just pass two by-laws - if we haven't already - and try to stop this nonsense.
1. make it unlawful to use a bicycle on city streets during the same time that overnight parking is banned.
2. make it unlawful to operate a wheelchair on city streets anytime.
We can fine tune it but it is worth discussing.
shakespeare 2/7/2013 2:06:59 PM Report

When people say, "He's not a bad guy once you get to know him," they mean, "He's a dickhead, but you get used to it"
mallet 2/7/2013 2:17:19 PM Report


How dare you suggest infringing on the rights of people to do what they like, however stupid it maybe. Next you will be saying that we should inprison all those who have had 3 strikes at the law, and then you will be taking out a P C membership... How could you desert the liberals so quickly.. :)
right wing 2/7/2013 2:35:44 PM Report


Then I am certain that theprotector is not a bad guy.
Bad Dawg 2/7/2013 2:37:56 PM Report

stop everything that gets in your way or might cause you to pay a little more attention..... some people think they are so damn important!!!

*awe shucks no sarcasm font
right wing 2/7/2013 2:40:25 PM Report

I suppose if you are not confined to a wheelchair having no other means to get around the rule is get out of my way?
Just Curious 2/7/2013 2:46:00 PM Report

fly, a couple of those laws are already on the books but nobody enforces them..Now if we could find a couple of anti-Googlng laws and shut our resident dip-shit down we would be on the right track. Not against free speech but either rw doesn't work or he is texting while driving and breaking a neo-con law. Being he is a plumber,he has probably broken a couple of "crack" laws...:)
right wing 2/7/2013 2:48:51 PM Report


The libs claim conservatives kill seniors, starve babies and destroy the environment...
Apparently not tolerating folks in wheelchairs is one they missed.
AceOfBass 2/7/2013 2:54:21 PM Report

What ever happened to common sense?

Winter is not the time or the place to be riding bicycles.It is just too dangerous with severe winter storms.
The same with motorized wheelchairs.
These bicycles and wheelchairs should be banned during winter months.
right wing 2/7/2013 2:56:51 PM Report


Most of what you claim in your post is factually untrue but who cares, right.
You're a follower, one of the many.
What I am curious about is did they put tinted windows in the room you spend all your time in.
Snobank 2/7/2013 3:03:02 PM Report

Now we know that plumbers charge a lot per hour. That may be why a certain poster can spend huge chunks of his day posting and still stay above the poverty level.
flyhawk25 2/7/2013 3:09:54 PM Report

I knew if I threw that out someone would react sarcastically.
No surprise there. wife was in a motorized chair for many years. I have also been actively involved in not only changing the laws but also advocating for those who are disabled.
I certainly sympathize with these folks. But if common sense doesn't work then we must use the rule of law to keep them and others safe. As for bike riders. Come on. There is a reason you don't see the folks on motorcycles out now.
As for the silly comments?
Consider the source.
right wing 2/7/2013 3:16:10 PM Report


Another baseless statement.
You seem to be one that attempts to hang his hat on facts.
Since so many seem so curious here are some facts.
First, I am a licensed plumber but have not worked as one for around 20 years.
Second if you wanted to waste some time check the archives, you would see that there are times that I can and do spend a good chunk of the day on here.
Other days, some of the morning and many more days not much at all.
Not that it is anybodies business but I do very well with what it is I do.
Today I did some consulting which involved a conference call with a firm in Canada, the U.S, Germany and got to have fun with you lovely folks.
But who cares, right.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 3:23:52 PM Report

Shakey, dickhead is not a pleasant term. My wife prefers Richard Cranium.
right wing 2/7/2013 3:28:05 PM Report


Oh aren't you the slick one.
Throwing something out there and then using the "my wife was" and "I have also been actively involved" lines.
You got the results you wanted...congrats.
I agree with the bicycles in the winter.
I won't waste my time pointing out the difference between a bicycle and a motorcycle in the winter.
I cannot remember somebody in our community being hurt or killed in a motorized wheelchair.
This may be the only means this women has to get around, regardless of the season, perhaps this gives her a feeling of independence and freedom, yet you would take that away.
Your wife had you, maybe she has nobody.
...and I'm the heartless neo-con.
right wing 2/7/2013 3:31:44 PM Report


Spelly, I always wondered why some with the name Richard get reverted to Dick.
It seems to be an older generation thing.
Care to share some of your wisdom.
right wing 2/7/2013 3:32:56 PM Report

...and Spellchecker, what did you think about the health care ideas?
Made a lot of sense therefore I'm guessing they won't have a chance.
learningaswego 2/7/2013 3:41:59 PM Report

Riding bikes in snow and ice is nuts.

Banning bikes from roads the same as on-road overnight parking rules in winter (Nov - Apr) would be equally nuts.
If there's no snow - as often is the case, in Nov., Dec., April....why shouldn't cyclists be able to cycle?

Yah, I'm a cyclist - so, let the bile -spewing begin! Have at er.
skipper dave 2/7/2013 3:45:49 PM Report

What the hell is this "Hissy fit Thursday for all of us".
Let's blame it on Bounder who precipitated the snow fight this morn. Poo Disturber!
right wing 2/7/2013 3:50:21 PM Report


You raise a valid point regarding when such a ban would take effect.
The problem I have with bicycles in the winter is, at least the ones I have seen, the operators do not come even close to obeying the rules of the road.
If anything they present a hazard to themselves.
Unlike someone confined to a wheelchair someone that can ride a bike does have alternatives.
shakespeare 2/7/2013 3:53:26 PM Report

Tell Mrs. Spellchecker that I am not in favour of the Richard Cranium thing. We associate Richard with Lion Hearts, being married to Liz Taylor, Virgin moguls etc. and then there's Dick Cheney and an unfortunate man that someone I know met called Dick Likkers.
right wing 2/7/2013 3:55:40 PM Report

skipper dave

...twas you that sparked the snowball fight, complete with high level advantage via fly's balcony.
I'd be in on that one and I'd call my pal, J.C., that way you could throw left and right.

right wing 2/7/2013 3:58:13 PM Report

...didn't they find some dead guy named Richard under a parking garage in England.
right wing 2/7/2013 3:58:45 PM Report

...what a Dick...he shouldn't have parked there.
skipper dave 2/7/2013 3:59:26 PM Report

I believe that a great percentage of our winter bikers represent the same cliental that were forced out of our mental institutions by Harris so long ago and we are still seeing the effects. Poor folks barely capable of living on their own. Little "T" is surrounded and befriended and some times intimidated out of his allowances in the first few days of the month.
right wing 2/7/2013 4:15:58 PM Report

Seems there a lot of those "mental" people riding bikes in the winter.
shakespeare 2/7/2013 4:28:46 PM Report

I think all dog walking on roads should be banned in conditions like this. Holding onto a leash attached to a canine that could pull you and cause you to slip and fall into the path of an oncoming vehicle is crazy! The other evening a fool with a huge black poodle on Shannon was being "towed" by his dog, slipped and fell and I nearly ran him over. I backed up to try again... but he was too fast and got away! IA
right wing 2/7/2013 4:33:18 PM Report

Shakespeake...Hahahahaha, now that is humour at it's finest...make a point and create a smile.
right wing 2/7/2013 4:38:07 PM Report

...shoot "its".
The possessive rule.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 4:53:51 PM Report

Good stuff, right wing.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 5:07:54 PM Report

Hey Grandpa Ed, I'll see you at the Jam Session at the Moose Lodge tonight.
realitycheck 2/7/2013 5:08:42 PM Report

"The problem I have with bicycles in the winter is, at least the ones I have seen, the operators do not come even close to obeying the rules of the road."

Right Wing:
A lot of cyclists don't obey the rules in the summer either. However, I can't see banning them from the roadways then and I can't see banning them in winter. For some it is their only means of getting around. flyhawk saw one person holding a snow scraper. I saw one holding a snow shovel. He was going up and down the street eliciting a job of removing snow from anyone willing to pay to have it done. Would flyhawk really stop this fellow from trying to feed his family? Some people are not as fortunate as the rest of us. But I applaud them for doing whatever they can to either make a buck or save one. I feel the same about those in electric wheelchairs. These chairs have given them a freedom they never had before. Let them enjoy it. So stick your bylaw bans.
realitycheck 2/7/2013 5:10:03 PM Report

I forgot to mention, as Learning says the roads are often as clear as they are in summer. Why would you ban cyclists from using them then?
djjazz09 2/7/2013 5:14:10 PM Report

So RW where were you educated??Local vocational school when you were growing up??
For one who has so diversified opinions on every subject on the planet you must have a book case full of Psychology for Dummies, Politics for Dummies, Sociology for Dummies. Environment for Dummies and just General Subjects for Dummies. You must have Google and Wikipedia as your favorite pages, since that is all you know how to quote??Or you depend on Wikipedia for your sources??
Just another arm chair know it all.
I hear that Canada's Greatest Know It All is having auditions.May be you should sign up??

Spellchecker 2/7/2013 5:15:10 PM Report

Because lefties always like to make rules. They live to make rules, the more rules the better. They know best and love to make rules. They have trouble following their own rules though. Witness their departing treasury secretary, Turbo Turmoil Geithner.
nikapeakin 2/7/2013 5:17:52 PM Report

I sometimes have to walk to work on the roads because some sidewalks are plowed in .The people are probably at work.It takes me about an extra 15-20 minites if I climb the curbs.I would say the same for bikes,dogs ect.Did any of you here about a man charged for assault get to give fish instead of his sentence? Maybe this is a new punishment?[FISHING} Sounds like favortisim to me.I am extremly carefull when I walk on the road and stand far away when a car comes.Have a happy day,nice reading .
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 5:19:09 PM Report

Turbo Turmoil was a suggestion someone made for Geithner's new book. Fox News was taking suggestions.
Brianne 2/7/2013 5:19:29 PM Report

Northern Breweries is on fire.
Canna D. Yenn 2/7/2013 5:20:39 PM Report

A lot of smoke is coming from the old Northern Breweries site. Police and Fire Dep't are on the scene.
Snobank 2/7/2013 5:21:58 PM Report

RW, does the name George Wray mean anything to you?
Brianne 2/7/2013 5:23:39 PM Report

Apparently it's pretty bad.
shakespeare 2/7/2013 5:25:20 PM Report

So Spelly, is it goat, horse and kine music at the Moose Lodge or is there any blues or rock?
BTW I hope that nobody takes the low road and draws a partisan cause and effect line between being beaten up by a Liberal guy and domestic violence by a Conservative(No IA). In my job I was privy to many, many incidents and sickened by the power that some pathetic people in or out of relationships will seek to exert to hurt and intimidate those that are physically weaker.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 5:30:53 PM Report

Mostly country music, shakey, but you never know. Sometimes we get Orbison tunes and sometimes some great harmony. My grandson plays bass and it's usually a great time. 8 PM at the Soo Moose Lodge.
shakespeare 2/7/2013 5:32:23 PM Report

The rats will be evacuating and looking for relocation. Watch out downtown-dwellers!
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 5:32:56 PM Report

Why don't you come and play us a tune? Anyone can play whatever he chooses.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 5:38:50 PM Report

A little blues and rock would be most welcome in our little hootenanny.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 6:07:54 PM Report

Pretty please. I'll buy you a beer.
nanag 2/7/2013 6:12:59 PM Report

Ban people in wheelchairs????....ohhh I am basically a pacifist but I tell you I would love to slap the snot out of anyone who thinks wheelchairs should be banned in winter.

I agree that rules of the road need to be followed BUT if this town was more wheelchair friendly maybe these folks would not need to be on the road.

I doubt very much if they like to be on the road considering the way a lot of IDIOTS drive vehicles winter and summer.

Like was already said .. wheelchairs are their only means of mobility and freedom. I can just imagine the uproar if a ban was set in place to take folks over 65 off the road in winter because they are a menace.. or take mothers off the road in winter because they are too distracted by crying fussing children in vehicle to drive well. Or take all those arrogant men who think their shit don't stink off the road (God that would cut the traffic in half at least)and make more room for the wheelchairs

I sometimes wonder how some of the people of this world get by being so self righteous.. there are some real A- holes in this town

NOW I feel better :)

The brewery was to be demolished in march maybe they thought it cheaper to burn it down
shakespeare 2/7/2013 6:38:26 PM Report

Spelly, does one have to be a Moose member, engage in furtive handshakes or speak in tongues to get in?

I can't make it tonight as I'm making "more readable" to the general populace a pamphlet that my academic science/healthcare-oriented daughter has sent me and needs done soon.

In future, I actually would love to come and play a couple of songs and engage in the camaraderie (I had to check my spelling on that ... good thing I did!!)
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 6:45:36 PM Report

No shakey, you don't have to be a member of the Lodge. Too bad you can't make it. Something has also come up here. We were still going to go if you were but now we've decided against it also. Perhaps next week. They also do it on Fridays but sometimes my grandson has trouble getting away. Have fun, Grandpa Ed and the rest of you jammers. Maybe see you next week.
itsky123 2/7/2013 6:47:23 PM Report

LUCY! let me splain sumpiin to ya.
The other day I was shopping at WakkMart, and it was snowing like crazy(about 3-4 inches) up there.
A fellow was trying to get his electric whheel scooter through the parking lot, I asked him if he needed a hand,(like put his scooter in my truck ) and drive him home. His reply was thanks..I do this all the time. OK I said, where do you live..his reply was down by A and W...WOW..side walks full of snow, he was going to drive down Great Northern road..must have a death wish..all he had to do was call the PARA-BUS..oh well, Hope he made it home safe
right wing 2/7/2013 7:07:50 PM Report


Bite me.
Check with the_mage first cause you might need some antibiotics.

You sound like a jealous person and jealousy is invariable a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
Strive to be more like I am, a competent and self-confident person incapable of jealousy in anything.
Live long and prosper my friend.
mallet 2/7/2013 7:08:14 PM Report


Secret handshakes and different languages... you must be a Mason, everyone from Limeyland has that expectation!! Of course lower class people like myself, who uses tools and other implements would never dream of rising to such exhalted heights. And of course there is help for the widows son!!
right wing 2/7/2013 7:10:30 PM Report


Again all good points.
I posted a link to winter biking and then watched several others, it is much more widespread than I thought.
Those that are into it are also into proper outfitting of the bike and the rider.
right wing 2/7/2013 7:15:30 PM Report


You can discuss that snot slapping with flyhawk.
He was on the committee for happy wheelchair people...does that count.

BIG BROTHER 2/7/2013 7:19:18 PM Report

I noticed your rant about rules and decided to enquire what rule would have stopped the Conservatives from appointing a 34 year old to the Senate. There's a good reason why rules are required.

And you, who ram the bible down everyone's throat, professing we should follow the rules of the 'Good Book', interpreted, of course, by right 'wing-nuts'.
right wing 2/7/2013 7:19:22 PM Report

"Or take all those arrogant men who think their shit don't stink off the road (God that would cut the traffic in half at least)"

OMG...nanag you are cracking me up.

Hey flyhawk, nanag is wanting you off the road.


In flyhawk's defense he drives a car that is not much bigger than an electric wheelchair, maybe he felt he was in danger by the speed of the electric wheelchair.
right wing 2/7/2013 7:20:11 PM Report

Hey Big Bro...welcome to the Liberal roast.
right wing 2/7/2013 7:21:27 PM Report

...before I forget, Snobank, no, not George.
BIG BROTHER 2/7/2013 7:25:05 PM Report

You're beginning to sound like the snot nosed kid in grade seven; the one who wouldn't shut-up, thought everything they said was funny (self-appointed class clown) and made complete a-holes out of themselves. People were laughing, but not for the reasons the butt=hole thought.

flyhawk25 2/7/2013 7:25:31 PM Report

Google and Wikpedia must be down.
nanag 2/7/2013 7:30:18 PM Report

"all he had to do is call the Para Bus"???????????? are you kidding me... it isn't like a taxi.. you can't just call the para bus and they show up and drive you home.

You have to call by 8-8:30 the day (or two) before to get a time you want for pick up and that time may or may not be available. There is NO spontaneity to the para bus... in a perfect world they would be available like a taxi anytime you wanted BUT IT IS NOT.
right wing 2/7/2013 7:32:34 PM Report

Big Bro

Interesting and telling that you as a teacher would equate somebody that can challenge you and stand in your face, which I would do any day, as a snot nose grade seven kid.
Glad you are a high school teacher at least some of them may get the opportunity to tell you where to go...although I'm sure you would turn beat red and send them straight to the office.
No office here pal.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 7:32:46 PM Report

BB, it is a common misconception that I try to shove the Bible down anyone's throat. From time to time I have inserted a Biblical verse that relates to the subject under discussion but it is hardly shoving it down anyone's throat. Anyone who doesn't like it can scroll on by. I really don't mind. There is hardly ever more than a line. As far as rules go, if people lived by the ten commandments there would be absolutely no need for any more of the plethora of laws we are expected to abide by, mostly ignored and some not even known.
right wing 2/7/2013 7:33:56 PM Report

"People were laughing, but not for the reasons the butt=hole thought."

A little trip down memory lane for ya Big Bro.....
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 7:34:51 PM Report

We have more laws now than ever and yet we live in a lawless society. Try driving the speed limit on the highway.
Pink Peony 2/7/2013 7:35:03 PM Report

Hi :)
right wing 2/7/2013 7:38:00 PM Report

Hey flyhawk...the guy that says "I love a battle of wits", that is until he insults the wheelchair folks...then he deflects to his favorite target (and I do not mind) with google and wiki.
right wing 2/7/2013 7:40:29 PM Report

Hi P.P, welcome to the party...
BIG BROTHER 2/7/2013 7:41:52 PM Report

Impressive stuff, rw. Do yourself a favour. Get back to the mountain. You're starting to believe your crap.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 7:45:24 PM Report

I do realize that any mention of the Bible in the modern world is going to be interpreted as "shoving it down your throat". It is, of course, to be expected so I anticipate the virulent reaction whenever I deign to mention it.
mallet 2/7/2013 7:45:53 PM Report


Maybe that is why it takes so long for offenders to get to court, so many laws when theres only two that need to be obeyed... Thou shall not kill and Thou shall not steal... None of this murder 1 and 2 and manslaughter. and theft over and under $5000. The other 8 could be modernised but those two are the ones most try to live with..
right wing 2/7/2013 7:48:26 PM Report

Big Bro

Never doubted it.

BIG BROTHER 2/7/2013 7:49:22 PM Report

I respect the Bible. I don't respect the 'preacher' who interprets the Bible to their liking and throws their BS out there for public consumption and proceeds to become indignant towards anyone who calls them on it!!

Politics is quite enough. I will attend the Church of my choice for preaching. I see little difference between your rants and the Jehovah Witness coming to my door, uninvited. Or the zealots known as Al Quieda.
Pink Peony 2/7/2013 7:50:23 PM Report

I'm waiting for one of my favourite radio programs to come on. I like sitting and listening to the radio. Kinda makes me feel like one of the Walton's.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 7:51:21 PM Report

Sometimes, as in this evening's case, I get the accusation without even having mentioned it.
right wing 2/7/2013 7:53:13 PM Report


Keep on trucking with your thoughts and opinions on the Bible.
It is your right to do so as much as it is the right of the lefties to come on here and make fools of themselves.
Judge not lest thee be judged.

Spellchecker 2/7/2013 7:54:08 PM Report

I think the rants are a figment of your and a certain other's imagination.
Pink Peony 2/7/2013 7:54:42 PM Report

BB, that's pretty much how I feel about some preachers.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 7:55:28 PM Report

Thanks right wing. I guess you know my last comment wasn't directed at you.
BIG BROTHER 2/7/2013 7:56:27 PM Report

A common misconception. At what point does a common misconception become reality. How many people have to tell you before the misconception becomes something you should heed. People don't get their kicks out of telling others to keep their religion to themselves. I sure don't!
right wing 2/7/2013 7:57:45 PM Report

There you have it Spelly from one of the King of fools...your thoughts on here are the same as Al Quieda...
Does it not make you so very glad (I know that I am) that your kids are done with school and would never encounter a person with thoughts like this.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 8:00:17 PM Report

I don't believe I've mentioned my religion. There's another misconception for you.
right wing 2/7/2013 8:01:34 PM Report

Gee, where is statusquo when they need him, a rant from him on how anything religious is child abuse and they'd all be orgasmic.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 8:02:40 PM Report

You're right about that, right wing. My daughter is happy that one of her children is done with it and the other has only two years to go. They're really going nuts in the schools these days and when they turn them out they're becoming more illiterate all the time.
BIG BROTHER 2/7/2013 8:04:12 PM Report

The Bible, according to your rants, are a set of rules. You first claim that us heathens don't follow the rules of the Bible, yet point the finger at the 'left' for wanting more rules!!

Which is it Spelly. The economy of the US went down due to a lack of regulations (a fancy word for 'rules'). The biggest culprits in the whole deal were right wing bankers and Wall Street thieves. Yet, it is the left that is to blame for wanting more rules. Look up greed in the Bible Spelly. There will be a picture of Mitt, Dubya and their friends.
Spellchecker 2/7/2013 8:07:37 PM Report

I believe this could begin to go around in circles. I do agree with a small part of what you said there and don't wish to argue about the rest. Bill O'Reilly is on now so I gotta go.
right wing 2/7/2013 8:08:30 PM Report

You break my heart and you rattle my bones...
...lets be like a lib and call in the drones.
Goodness gracious great balls of fire.
BIG BROTHER 2/7/2013 8:09:32 PM Report

The Bible is of the Christian 'religion'. Don't deny your religion. I'm sure there is a passage in the Bible about denying your religion. You can make one up.

It is scary, to me, how some use it to justify killing others, in the name of god!!
right wing 2/7/2013 8:12:35 PM Report

He's correct Spelly (don't want to use the word right, he'd burst into flames), the housing bubble is what caused it all and these are the culprits.
nanag 2/7/2013 8:13:34 PM Report

Okay.. I went out and fed the horses and now I have calmed the need to "slap the snot" out of a whole lot of people..but there are still one or two or three or.....that still need a tuning
shakespeare 2/7/2013 8:16:20 PM Report

In process with my daughter's pamphlet, Spelly. She's a great writer, but needs to write to a specific audience and avoid terms like "maturational" and I'm doing that for her.
rw is living up to the famous quote:
"As I have grown older, I've learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everybody off is a piece of cake"
The thing is we leave this site (or some of us do) and get about the daily business of living and upon that we will be judged.
Hope I can play you "Streets of London" sometime.
Back to my language chores!
right wing 2/7/2013 8:16:33 PM Report

...both faith and works, he is wrong, again.
right wing 2/7/2013 8:18:33 PM Report


Sssshhhhh...some "cakes" are easier than others.
right wing 2/7/2013 8:23:46 PM Report


Are the horses not great.
I have a friend that has about 25 to 30 of them.
Not all his, he does boarding.
When my daughter was about ten years old he put her on one and led her her on it down the middle of his riding arena, her eyes lit up like she had seen her first Christmas tree.
He told me that is the way girls always take to the horses and how he got them hooked on riding lessons.
nanag 2/7/2013 8:26:46 PM Report

some "pieces" are easier than others :)
right wing 2/7/2013 8:28:58 PM Report

...yes some are!
right wing 2/7/2013 8:33:03 PM Report

Been so much fun today.
Unfortunately I have outside stuff tomorrow so I can't be on here all day.
I know, I know...I'll be missed, but don't you fret...I'll be back.

May you all wake up alive in the morning.

nanag 2/7/2013 8:33:50 PM Report

my daughter took riding lessons for about 5 years starting at 8 yrs old.. she always wanted her own horse.I could never afford to buy her one. She married a man who does not ride but he is so supportive and even build his own post hole auger to put in a whole shit load of posts for the two ??? paddocks???(he is a mechanic)he built her a barn he does all sorts of things to make her and her horses happy. Now my daughter and granddaughter ride all the time.. spend countless hours together with the horses and she is very happy. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful son-in-law
flyhawk25 2/7/2013 9:13:34 PM Report

Just before I head to the head and then pray at my shrine to PET, JFK and Groucho's uncle - I love apple pie, puppies and country music.
I will wait for our resident plumber to Google some snappy rejoinder.
My goodness I should probably pray for the water level in the swamp to come up so he and his posse would stay away until the spring breeding season starts.
Snobank 2/7/2013 10:06:32 PM Report

RW, any connection to the Wrays?
right wing 2/7/2013 11:35:20 PM Report

Yes, some of them.
Snobank 2/8/2013 2:04:03 AM Report

RW, we may be distantly related through that plumbing family. Hmmm....
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