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Google Search Classifieds Posting Rules

The Posting Rules are for everyone. There are no exceptions. Please read the rules and abide by them or your account will be suspended. classifieds ads are provided free to our community thanks to the support of local businesses who help offset our operating costs via banner advertising and classifieds business ad posts.

1. Private text-only ads are FREE (for non-commercial private use only!)

2. * NEW! Business Ads. If you have a product or service to offer Sault Ste. Marie we have a new category for you that displays your ad for 30 full days in the category of your choice! All commercial/business ads must use this option.

- If you would like to consider placing a banner ad designed by the team please email us at

3. Report ads that are inappropriate to us! Each posted ad now has a 'report this ad' link to make abusers of our system easier to spot.

4. Maintain your ad postings using the 'My Classifieds' link on the classifieds mainpage. Delete your items when they sell! The system works best when everyone pitches in to keep the categories free from clutter.

5. Posting ads with URLs to other websites is not permitted.

6 Limit postings for your item to once per day in only one category per day!

7. Do not post comments! This is not a forum, comments are to be posted in the News or Editorial Response sections of our site.

8. Do not add a title for your item that is too long or has no spaces between the letters. We know it makes your ad stand out but it will also break the page and it will display all wacky! Ads such as this will be deleted without notice.

9. Contacting a Client to harass them about their ad, or to give an opinion without being asked, is not acceptable. Unless you are contacting a client to make a legitimate offer on their item for sale, do not contact them. If you have received any emails that are harassing in nature, please forward them to and we will revoke the account.

10. Keep it clean folks! This is a family show.

Please be advised: Anyone not in compliance with the posting rules will be banned from SooToday without notice. The Posting Rules are for everyone. There are no exceptions. Please Read the Rules and Abide by them.

Any other suggestions for how we can all maintain this section better please email us!

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